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Bright baby pants with pockets


A friend of mine recently gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Emma. Tara and I met at university 11 years ago. We were quick friends. I think we bonded quickly over silliness, that is, that we can both be pretty silly. We like to laugh, and we do… a lot.

We’ve been through a lot together – life is sure different from what it was 11 years ago. But, after the graduations, career changes, marriages, and kids, at the end of the day, she’s still one of a handful of people I want to share my news with first. 

I made Emma a ruffle bum romper and these bright and pocketed pants.


These are made from the same pattern (Rae Hoekstra’s Basic Newborn Baby Pant) that I used to make monkey pants for my friend Julie’s babe, Emily. Of course, the big difference is that these pants have pockets and trim at the cuff.


Welcome to the world, Emma! We can’t wait to meet you.





Itty bitty baby pants!


Another friend of mine is welcoming her first baby this August. Julie and I met through my friend Meagan. I was so lucky to spend one of my coop terms in undergrad in Guelph, because I lived with them. To this day, I have been known to say, “I wish we were next door neighbours so life would be like it was when we lived together.” Honestly, these girls, the kind of friend every woman deserves. I don’t know what I’d do without them by my side.

We are silly together. These gals make me laugh. A lot.


We make a mean tray of nachos and we’re the self-proclaimed nacho champs. Meagan is a bit nacho bossy, but it works in our favour 😉


They are some of my biggest supporters – and are always by my side.


I love these girls. The only thing that sucks about being friends with them is that I can’t get enough of them.

In August, the third installation of the next generation will arrive. Madeleine, Abby, and another sweet little girl will be making mischief together.

IMG_2185We celebrated mama-to-be Jules this past weekend. In preparation of her shower, I decided to make Rae Hoekstra’s Basic Newborn Baby Pant, a free online tutorial. These are a great project for a new sewer, and I whipped them up in an evening. Maddy even had a hand in it, picking out the fabric.

We stood in an aisle at Len’s Mill, and I asked Maddy, “What fabric should we use to make the baby some pants?” And she pointed and exclaimed, “Monkey!” Maddy has also requested her own monkey outfit. I’m so glad I let Maddy pick the fabric, because I just adore the final product.

In just a few months we’ll have another little one that will fit into these itty bitty baby pants. I am so excited for her arrival!


Double folded hem


Call me slow, but it took me awhile to learn about this whole double folded hem. It’s so easy, and now that I know about it, I won’t go back when it comes to clothing.

When sewing a single folded hem, you simply fold your fabric once, press flat, and sew. This is okay for some things – I did our closet coverings this way, because we never see the backside. But, when it comes to clothing, you often see the underside – and with a simple hem, it can look messy. Enter the double folded hem.

A double folded hem is super easy. You fold your fabric 1/4″ and press. Fold it a second time, the width you’d like the hem to be, press, and sew. Be sure you are sewing on top of both folds, to keep things neat. Here’s what a double folded hem looks like once it’s finished:


It gives the clothes a much more professional and finished look – and the greatest thing is – it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Ruffle bum romper


One of my longest friends, Meagan is having her first baby in a month-ish. We became friends a long time ago when we were 4 and lived on the same street. SCAN0015

I’m so lucky to still call Meagan one of my best friends. I was honoured and blessed to be a part of her wedding a couple of years ago, and now I am beyond excited to meet her little one. Meagan and her hubby are going to be amazing parents.

I made her soon-to-be-here baby girl two little outfits – here’s the first:



I bought this pattern from ‘You Can Make This’. I found the pattern a bit confusing, but I was able to make my way through it with a seam ripper and some patience.

I learned two new things in the process of making this romper. First, I made my first buttonholes!! Thank you to Amber Price – her ‘Learn to Sew’ series gave me the courage to give them a try. If you want to try buttonholes, she has a great lesson here.


It took some time, and a lot of test buttonholes, but eventually I got it! For the longest time I didn’t realize I had to “reset” my machine by moving my dial off of the buttonhole setting and back between buttonholes. Once I figured that out, I was set. I’m so happy that I no longer have to avoid patterns with buttonholes now!

The other first for me was inserting snaps into a pattern. This is key for things like rompers, so the whole outfit doesn’t have to come off when changing the baby’s bum. I have been avoiding patterns that had snaps in them, but it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I tried a couple of test snaps on some scrap fabric, and then put them into the pattern. They’re not exactly spaced evenly, but that gives it a bit of charm, no?


I think this pattern is beginner-intermediate. Definitely doable for a newer sewer, but it might give you a couple of headaches along the way.

For the lack of a live model, I give you the ruffle bum romper on a model that can’t refuse:


Hope you all enjoy the last bit of the weekend!

Hip, hip, hooray! It’s Valentine’s Day!


I’ve been following along Amber Price’s ‘Learn to Sew’ series on Facebook. Although I haven’t had much time to make most of the items, they are on my to do list. Even with not making the projects, I’m loving being part of the Facebook group – connecting with others who want to learn to sew, and learning from more experienced sewers. There are a lot of great projects coming out of the series!

I did get my act together to make an adorable three-tiered ruffle skirt for Maddy to wear on Valentine’s Day. In perpetual motion, with a blueberry faced model, here it is:





I made the skirt very short…


So that I could throw this cute little onesie underneath:

IMG_2080 IMG_2083

I like nothing more than a little surprise bum peeking out of a skirt 🙂

Despite the fact that Maddy had a good day with Grandma & Grandpa, we had a challenging day in our house today – both morning and night. This morning it took me over an hour to calm Maddy down/stop her crying to get her dressed for the day. The crying ensued again as soon as Eric walked in the door tonight. But, I gotta say, when Maddy agreed to model the skirt tonight, it made the challenges melt away – if only for a moment.

If you’re looking for other Valentine’s Day projects you can try: this, this, and this.