No effort required


My daughter has potty trained herself. I feel like I’m always negative… just came to brag ;)


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    • It’s true!! We just left a small potty upstairs, and one that sits on top of the toilet downstairs. We kept finding her using it (she even closes the door and usually doesn’t want us there!). She drags the step stool over, and tries to wash her hands and everything, haha. Daycare told us the same.

      So, one night we just said, I guess we should put her in underwear, and did. She’s been diaper-free for a week, and only has had one accident at daycare, and a couple at home. We’ve used no incentives or reminders to get her to use the potty… she just did.

      The one thing that’s a bit interesting is that she doesn’t like us to make a big deal out of it. No clapping, cheering, singing… just a quick “hooray for Maddy!” If we make a big deal out of it, or ask her if she wants to use it, she gets upset. In fact, we rarely ask her if she needs to use it, because that’s usually what causes the accident (because she will refuse to go once asked to).

      We have struggled with a lot, so potty training was something we weren’t going to push until we were 100% sure she was ready. I think we’re just lucky and this was something that came easy to her. I know that it’s definitely not anything we did or didn’t do… it just is! Good luck to you!!

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