Monthly Archives: June 2013

We Moved for Maddy!


On June 2, we walked in the Walk Now for Autism Speaks event. We walked with 14 other family members, and raised $2280. Thank you to everyone who walked with us, those who were with us in spirit, and those who donated.


June 2 was a really special day for us. We felt surrounded by strength. I’m sure any parent understands this, but when someone shows love and care for Maddy, I feel loved and cared for. It was a day where we could let go, and just be.


It conveniently came just a month and a half after Maddy’s diagnosis, and was the perfect way for our family to “begin” our journey. It’s a day I will not soon forget. I will hold the memories in my back pocket to use when we’re in some of our tougher moments. I will remember the kids wearing their oversized t-shirts, I will remember Chlo√© walking the entire way – in the rain, I will remember the crowds of families who understand, and I will remember our friends and family who showed up for us.

Thank you for taking this journey with us. We could not do it alone.