Sensory fun day


Back in January, Maddy had one incredibly amazing Saturday. Eric and I seized the day, and we ended up having so much fun with some sensory activities.

We started the day by heading to the park in the early morning. It was one of the milder days of the month, and the snow had all melted. Everything was wet, so we had the playground to ourselves. Maddy kept nice and dry in her Muddy Buddy and we played until she was ready to go home.


She really likes the slide at the park that is made up of a series of tiny rollers – are you following me? Because of the sensory input the slide provides, Maddy can spend the entire time at the park on the slide. Usually she’s fighting with the older kids to get a turn, but this day she had full access and she was loving it.

We followed our park play with some finger painting.


Our little artist loves finger painting. If you ask her if she wants to paint, she nods her head and says, “Yeth” (that’s my imitation of her adorable frontal lisp).

After painting, we decided to play with some moon sand. You can find a couple of recipes here. We went for the first recipe and used some gluten-free flour.


One of the first things Maddy did was taste test the sand.


Maddy had a lot of fun with the moon sand. She dumped it in and out of containers, pulled her animals through it, threw it on the floor, and stomped on it. All in all it was very successful!


For those of you wondering why Maddy has no clothes on, but is wearing shoes indoors, here’s the deal: she’s very tactile sensitive and prefers to be naked (in fact, sometimes the second her clothes come off we see the first smile of the day), and her therapists suspect she likes to have shoes on to protect her feet from tactile irritation. Just a little quirk we love about our gal!


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