Hip, hip, hooray! It’s Valentine’s Day!


I’ve been following along Amber Price’s ‘Learn to Sew’ series on Facebook. Although I haven’t had much time to make most of the items, they are on my to do list. Even with not making the projects, I’m loving being part of the Facebook group – connecting with others who want to learn to sew, and learning from more experienced sewers. There are a lot of great projects coming out of the series!

I did get my act together to make an adorable three-tiered ruffle skirt for Maddy to wear on Valentine’s Day. In perpetual motion, with a blueberry faced model, here it is:





I made the skirt very short…


So that I could throw this cute little onesie underneath:

IMG_2080 IMG_2083

I like nothing more than a little surprise bum peeking out of a skirt 🙂

Despite the fact that Maddy had a good day with Grandma & Grandpa, we had a challenging day in our house today – both morning and night. This morning it took me over an hour to calm Maddy down/stop her crying to get her dressed for the day. The crying ensued again as soon as Eric walked in the door tonight. But, I gotta say, when Maddy agreed to model the skirt tonight, it made the challenges melt away – if only for a moment.

If you’re looking for other Valentine’s Day projects you can try: this, this, and this.



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