Baby poncho!


Wow! I’ve been working on this bad boy since August.


It is definitely the most complex project I’ve knitted so far. It’s the first time I’ve done something with multiple pieces that had to be sewn together. I also sewed both snaps and decorative buttons on it – another first for me.


Maddy really liked the decorative buttons – she’ll probably end up yanking one of them off, but they’re super easy to put on so that’s okay. Maddy is often quite challenging to get dressed (the whole tactile defensiveness thing), but not only did she say yes when I asked her if she wanted to try this on – she didn’t want to take it off. That’s a success in my books!

IMG_2066 IMG_2064

The only major snag I had with this project was having to ‘pick up and knit’ stitches. I was super nervous about messing this up, as I had never done it before,  but it really wasn’t as bad as I imagined. I learned how from this YouTube video, and was successful on my first try. Hoorah!


I learned a very important lesson on this project. I need to give myself way more time than I think I need to finish up a time-sensitive project. Weeks go by without having a moment to pick up my knitting needles – but Maddy keeps growing in those weeks. I made this in an 18 month size, hoping she’d get to wear it last fall and this spring. Planning fail. It fits, but we’ll probably only get one season out of it.


Want to give this poncho a whirl? You can find the pattern in Bernat’s ‘Colour me Cute’ book.



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  1. Oh, I’m so jealous!!!!!!!!! This looks AWESOME!!! Love the buttons. I’m just about to start mine for Chloé. But I’m gonna do it in 2T, because I’ve also learned my lesson. I’m almost done her 12 month sized dress, now that she’s 15 months and winter is almost over. Boo. You’d better have another girl so that she can also wear it 😉

    • I had the same thought 🙂 Worst case scenario we’ll second hand this to another baby we love 🙂

      I told Eric I need to start something for next winter now, ha!

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