Happy Valentine’s Day, for “crayon” out loud!


I decided to whip up these multi-coloured crayons this afternoon for Maddy’s daycare class. Although they celebrate Valentine’s day, it’s a non-food item kinda celebration. I found this idea on pinterest and thought it was perfect. You can see the picture that inspired this here.


The only change I made was to keep them in the oven for 22 minutes (because they weren’t fully melted at 15 minutes). Don’t worry if when you pull them out of the oven this is what you see:


Because when you flip them over:


Ta-da!  We made a whole stack, one for each toddler. It took a total of 128 crayons that I picked up at Dollarama for $5. I used a silicone heart-shaped muffin mould that I picked up last year at Bulk Barn.



Maddy was very intrigued as I was making these, constantly digging her hands in the bowl of broken crayons, looking at me with a grin on her face and saying, “Mine!” I think she’s going to like colouring with them too!



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