Shining moments


A quick post to share the shining moments of the weekend:

  1. On Friday, we had dinner with some lovely friends of ours – my friend, Catherine and her hubby Tim. It was a heartwarming moment when Catherine was leaving the room and Maddy approached her and gave her a hug. We have never seen Maddy do this to one of our friends before. I can’t blame her either, Catherine really is that awesome.
  2. Maddy attended her second Santa Claus parade on Saturday. I almost cried watching her wave to all of the people on the floats. She has had to work so hard not only to wave, but to wave at appropriate times. What’s a more appropriate time than when a float full of smiling waving people passes by?? It was a really special moment for our family.
  3. This weekend Maddy has finally started using ‘Mama’ appropriately. We have been modelling this for her since she was about 10 months and started using it inappropriately, and in succession ‘Mamamamamama.’ She has used it this weekend to get my attention (without the screaming and crying she usually uses), to get me to look at something, and when she wanted whoever was holding her to pass her back to me. Sweetest sound!
  4. We have worked for months to get Maddy happy in her high chair. Eating has always been a big challenge for Maddy. I am confident in sharing with you that we have successfully made this step. Maddy “eats” in her chair about 90% of the time these days. She doesn’t always ingest food, but she will at least sit with it in front of her without a meltdown, if even for only a couple of minutes. Tonight we had a first. We modelled kissing pork and baby spinach – she imitated! So, we modelled licking pork and baby spinach – she imitated! We modelled eating pork and baby spinach – she put them both in her mouth and chewed a couple of times before pulling them back out and throwing them on the ground! This may sound small – but it is amazing progress and incredibly difficult for her. I am so proud of her!

If anything, what these past 17 months have taught me is that nothing can be taken for granted. The sweet sound of baby giggles, the shy smiles, a simple wave, hearing your babe call you ‘mama’ for the first time, an attempt at trying a new food – these are all things that need to be celebrated. These amazing things almost take away the moments of cleaning up after Maddy threw up all over herself (a newer development that happens at least a few times a week in our house after Maddy eats). But, hey, we’ll take it!


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  1. You are so amazing at recognizing and celebrating these things. Your are inspirational. Please keep doing what you are doing. It is needful.

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