Monkey see, monkey do


Maddy has been learning a whole slew of new skills in her intensive therapy program ‘Getting Ready to Learn’. The last couple of days we almost don’t even recognize her — we’ve seen that much progress (and I promise I’m not exaggerating).

For the first time this weekend, Maddy looked at me when my Uncle approached her to determine if he was okay or safe to interact with. We also saw her looking at the people in the room while I was playing a game with her, you know, to make sure they were all watching what she was doing. If you’re thinking whoop-dee-doo, she should have been doing that ages ago, you’re right. But, she wasn’t doing it ages ago. These are new skills she’s developing from her therapy program. Exciting, right?

Another of her new skills, which is a favourite of ours, is imitation. So much fun!

Uncle Scotty says, “Monkey see monkey do! Eric’s such a quick learner!”

This is another skill she should have acquired long before now, but for whatever reason, she didn’t. It is so much fun watching her imitate movement, and she was attempting a few vocal imitations too.


We have no idea how close she’s coming to mastering these skills, or whether or not they’re up to where they should be for her age. But, in this moment, we don’t care. We’re taking the time to celebrate some important developmental skills that we might have otherwise taken for granted. These are stepping-stones to future milestones that we will patiently wait and watch for one day. For now, we’ll just live in the moment and enjoy.


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