Voluptuous Velvet



My new obsession is velveteen, a cheaper, machine washable imitation velvet. My friend Tara is probably cringing at this (fun fact: one of Tara’s sensory quirks is the feel of velvet on her skin). I’ve been dreaming all things velveteen: scarves, purses, skirts, and hopefully in the fall I’ll be able to blog about some finished products.

Photo courtesy of: http://www.flickr.com/photos/buttersweet/. Creative commons share-alike license.

The one hitch? I can’t find beautiful prints of velveteen anywhere local. Where are they hiding? I’ve found some beautiful prints online (where shipping is just killing me), but nothing compares in store. I’ve found some pretty velour prints (a stretchier version of velveteen), and I might attempt to use them, but I’d really prefer some velveteen.

Any hints out there for where I can find some beautiful velveteen prints??



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