Good friend, good book


Last week I had an all-day visit with an old friend of mine, Ashley. We’ve known each other since we were young. I can’t quite remember how old we were when we met, but I very clearly recall attending a tea party birthday party at her house years ago.

After many years of friendship, her family conveniently moved into the house next door. As you can imagine, we were thrilled. It was particularly exciting because it was the year that she would be heading to the Catholic high school and I would be heading to the public high school.

Through high school, we spent a lot of time together (I mean, it was so easy being neighbours and all). We videotaped our trampoline routines, swam in her pool, painted our nails, put on fashion shows, and did what teenage girls do best: gabbed. We even worked as camp counsellors together during the summertime. Ashley squared made a lot of great memories together.

This recent visit was our first in a long time. It was so welcomed. It was particularly nice as our last visit was with our husbands (sorry, boys!). Sometimes girls just need some girl time. We picked up exactly where we left off: gabbing.

The first thing Ash did when she came into our house was hand me a gift bag. Inside were two super thoughtful gifts. A little vibrating pull-toy for Maddy that also has a rattle, crinkle, and a variety of textures (aka SPD-friendly). Maddy played with it for half the day, giggling when we’d put it to her cheek and make it vibrate. As soon as the vibrating stopped, Maddy would turn her head and rest her other cheek on it and wait for us to make it shake.

The second part of the gift was for me – an awesome book (should I really expect any less from a teacher and former Chapter’s employee?).

Sewing Clothes Kids Love is written by Nancy J.S. Langdon & Sabine Pollehn, and includes 10 full-sized patterns for adorable kids clothes – everything from shirts, to leggings, skirts, shrugs, jackets, dresses, and tank tops. All of the clothes are colourful and fun, and each has a skill rating. Mere minutes after dropping Ash off at the bus stop, I was perusing through the book and letting my creative juices flow while Eric fed Maddy dinner.

My favourite part of our visit was watching Ashley interact with Maddy. Early in the day Maddy seemed skeptical. She huddled close to me after she awoke from her first nap, but it didn’t take her long to warm up to Ashley. Eventually, she was approaching Ash with outreached arms, and climbing into her lap. It was so amazing to watch them interact with one another. Ashley came fully prepared having read about SPD online, and was tweaking games to be SPD-friendly. When Maddy was playing with empty bottles, Ash got up and filled one half-way with water to give it more resistance. Incredible!

Ash had Maddy smiling and giggling like nobody’s business. I’m pretty sure by the end of the day Maddy was fully convinced that Ashley was her new friend. Maddy sat patiently while Ashley tied kleenex around her arms and legs (of course, after Ash put one “bracelet” on, Maddy kept signing for more). In the car, Ash keyed up Maddy’s favourite Sesame Street video (thanks Aunt Lyndsay!) and introduced her to a new one. Ash awkwardly held her arm over the back of her seat so Maddy could see and hear the songs. Maddy is so obsessed with her favourite Sesame Street song that she fusses, points, and signs more when she hears in the music that the song is soon ending. Ashley quickly solved that by putting the song on loop.

All in all, one fabulous day. An incredible friend, an incredible book (thanks again!). I’ll leave you now with another of Maddy’s favourite tunes.


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