One more long commute


We are celebrating around our house this week. We’re not celebrating a special birthday or holiday, but a change in our routine. A really, really good change.

Starting this Wednesday, Madeleine is starting at a new daycare that’s five minutes from our house. No more long commute for Maddy, and no more long commute for Daddy. Maddy still has one more to go on Tuesday, but the end is in sight.

In true Maddy styles, she didn’t want to let Daddy off too easy. She went out with a bang last Thursday when she pulled a cousin Logan – she cried so hard on the way home she threw up. It was truly a special moment. When they arrived home, Madeleine’s little face was swollen from all of her crying. Poor little bug. It took us an hour and a bit to calm her down enough to eat dinner.

We’re a tad bit nervous about the transition, as she’s doing so well at her current daycare (and they take such good care of her). But, we figure she’ll transition into her new place with time, and it’s so much better for her to not have to suffer through the long commute with her vestibular issues.

I have so much other news to share with you about Maddy’s past week and a half. Since cutting out wheat, she is so, so happy. I mean, she still has typical baby crying and the like, but it’s all typical. Her loose stools are a thing of the past, and we no longer see all of that undigested food. She’s even started sleeping through the night, until about 6 or 6:30 in the morning!! Eric and I are so happy that we now remember what it’s like to get a full nights sleep on a regular basis.

She’s also become very, very chatty. It is a joy to see as she was falling a bit behind with some of her speech and language milestones. She giggles and smiles and plays again. She’s even started getting into things. We have never really baby-proofed the house, because Maddy never did anything. But, now that she’s feeling good, she’s walking more, playing independently, and opening drawers and cupboards. Horrah!

Another change that has made our life a lot easier, is now she’s letting us use our therapy techniques to address her sensory issues. For awhile, she would not let us do anything with her. But, with a settled tummy, it has become an easy part of the day.

And, finally, maybe the best news I have: she has started eating again. In the short time since we’ve cut wheat out, she’s already gained a few ounces (the first weight she’s gained in almost four and a half months). We’re hopeful that she will continue to gain weight, and her fall off of the growth chart will no longer be a concern.

We finally have the little boo we saw a glimpse of post-therapy-pre-wheat introduction. It took us a long time to even recognize the decline, as it was so gradual (and a fall into her pre-therapy ways that we were so used to). We’re so lucky that we were able to figure this out, and we hope these positive changes are around to stay!

I hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend as much as we are!


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  1. Woohoo- such a joyous update- glad to hear that Maddy is going so great- I’m sure the new daycare will be a big help for all of you!

    • Yes, Eric is already appreciating the change 🙂 I’m having a hard time picking her up though. I hope the adjustment time goes quickly. It just breaks my heart picking her up when she’s so sad!

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