It’s in the bag!


One evening a few weeks ago after Maddy was in bed for the night Eric and I planted our vegetable garden. I love, love, love having fresh veggies in our yard. Last year was our first stab at it, but we’re fortunate enough to get a lot of advice from Eric’s Dad who is a very experienced gardener.

The one thing we were missing last year was something to put our picked veggies in to carry them into the house. This year, I decided to make a couple of garden bags out of some t-shirts I never wear.

I mix and matched a couple of tutorials: Martha Stewart’s t-shirt bag and a produce grocery bag tutorial. I wanted to make a bag that required limited sewing. I followed Martha Stewart’s tutorial, without using a bowl or a marking pen – I just eyeballed it – I mean, it is just a bag to carry dirty vegetables in. I then followed steps six and seven of the produce grocery bag, but, again, I just eyeballed it.

Looking forward to the first harvest!


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