My little daycare superstar!


A lot of people have been asking us how Maddy’s first day at daycare went, after I posted this. I’m so thrilled to report that Friday was an incredible day. I got most of my tears out Thursday night, and waited until after Eric & Maddy left Friday morning before finishing them off (I didn’t want Maddy to think that she was going somewhere she should be afraid of or nervous about).

I was feeling pretty anxious all day, but my first day at work was a very good day, and that helped a lot. I would be lying if I said I didn’t check in more than once on the daycare webcam to see how Maddy was doing. Every time I checked she was happily playing, sleeping or eating. I guess that I’m-a-crazy-mom-list that I sent with a ton of suggestions for dealing with sensory issues wasn’t needed.

The webcam didn’t lie. I later heard from Eric that Maddy didn’t shed a tear when he dropped her off – in fact, she was too busy playing she didn’t even say bye to him. When he picked her up, the workers told Eric that she had a phenomenal day – behaving in ways they would expect of a kid who had been going for 3-4 months. She cried only briefly, and they had no issue with eating, sleeping, or diaper changing (all things we’ve had trouble with at home). I was so, so, so happy that our OTs prediction (that often sensory kiddos do better in daycare than at home) had come true. Maddy greeted both me & Eric with huge smiles when she saw us at the end of the day.

The only downside to Maddy’s first day was that she caught the GI bug that the babes had been passing around for over a week. Saturday night at 9pm she starting throwing up, and didn’t stop until about 9am the next morning. This was a first for us, and never in my life have I had to change my clothes so many times! I was worried I might have caught the bug, but fingers crossed, nothing yet.

I’ve said it before, but man, I kinda like my sick almost-not-a-baby. Anyone else out there think it is SO much easier to care for a sick babe than a healthy one? I have had so many cuddles in the last two days it’s unreal. Yesterday she cried a bunch, for obvious reasons. Today Maddy has basically slept ALL day in my arms. She wakes to have a little drink and a mum-mum and then she’s fast asleep again. The only thing that makes it slightly not enjoyable is that I feel so badly that she feels sick.

Maddy won’t be back to daycare until Friday, as she’ll have to stay home until she’s healthy (and she’s only part-time). I’m betting that Friday I won’t feel as anxious, knowing how well her first day went. I think she’s just going to thrive at daycare.

If anyone else is going to be sending their little one to daycare or school for the first time and you’re looking for dishwasher/washing machine safe labels, a good friend of mine has started selling Lovable Labels. Ours just arrived today and I love them. You can check out Jenn’s page here.


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  1. They have a day care webcam? That’s so awesome!

    Happy that Maddy was a star at day care and enjoyed herself so much. Sorry she’s been sick. 😦 But at least she got it out for her BIG first birthday party soon!

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