Simple hem


Yesterday evening while Eric had Maddy and Loki at the dog park, I finished a quick, little project – hemming a curtain.

When we moved into our 105 year old house, some of our closets didn’t have doors. We went out and picked up some simple, low-cost curtains to cover the space with… because otherwise we’d always be looking at this mess all the time:

Only problem was that the curtains were much too long for the door.

I was a bit nervous to try hemming these, because I was worried I wouldn’t do it straight and it would be very obvious. I finally decided to give it a go. I figured worst case scenario I could  sew a new covering for Maddy’s closet.

I measured how long I wanted the curtains to be while they were still hanging, and pinned them. Then, I folded up the edge, ironed it flat, and cut it with my pinking shears.

I then just did a simple hem, folding the edge up, and sewing it flat. The stitches are not straight at all, as the curtains were heavy and pulled the fabric down before I noticed it. I figure this doesn’t matter because it’s on the ground and nobody is going to be looking at it that close. After I had sewn the edge down (I did a straight stitch, and then a zigzag stitch on top), I simply trimmed the edge again to get rid of the excess fabric. Simple, simple!

The hem is not perfectly straight – you can see it’s higher on the left side than the right. But, I can live with that (sorry mama B, they’ll probably drive you crazy!).


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