Soya think you ate something you shouldn’t have


Ugh! I am so annoyed right now. Really, pure frustration. I have had a challenging week with Maddy. She hasn’t been sleeping well, has had this non-stop whiny cry, and barely played. Most of the time she just wanted me to hold her, while I stood up and bounced her.

We wondered if her fourth tooth was making an appearance. We wondered until Eric happened to pull this out of our cupboard tonight:


I have been having a bake-a-thon the last week or so. It’s very exciting since I’ve successfully been able to re-introduce wheat into mine and Maddy’s diet. I’ve used a lot of cinnamon in the muffins and breads I’ve been baking. Not only have I been eating said muffins and breads, but I’ve been giving some to Maddy too.

Eric just happened to flip over that innocent package of cinnamon to find:

Really??!!? Soy in ground cinnamon??

The fact that Maddy has food intolerances barely phases me now. I haven’t eaten dairy, soy, eggs, beef, or chicken since last October (well, not on purpose I haven’t). I re-introduced wheat a month or so ago. I don’t even really miss eating those things. However, I am so frustrated at how many things soy is hidden in. I’ve had accidental exposures to soy through blueberry tea, lemon pepper, and now ground cinnamon. Now, soy is in about 80-90% of what you find in the grocery store. That to me is astounding in itself. But, it boggles my mind that it is found in things as simple as cinnamon.

Hidden soy has ruined many weeks not just for me, but for poor Maddy. I am curious to understand why soy has to be in everything… or does it?


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  1. I hear ya. I had the same feelings when I first went gluten-free (though wheat is in foods somewhat less often than soy, but frequently). I actually made a mistake recently that I wouldn’t have years ago. I bought sour keys at costco – after eating two I happened to see wheat in the label. I called to ask about it and if I was in the states, it would be sold without wheat on the label because it’s such a small amount but we have different labelling laws. Either way, I hadn’t even looked at the label … Sorry Maddy’s having a bad week. Now time to buy some cinnamon so you can bake again!

  2. i’ve discovered that a lot of the “cheaper” spices have quite a bit of filler put into them. always double check all your spices [and probably anything you buy if it’s a soy allergy]. soy seems to be the new bulk filler product, mostly because so many people are lactose intolerant ]or allergic] that they put soy in instead of the milk.
    so cinnanmon, if you can’t find any of the powder is just cinnanmon, try a health food store or get the sticks and grind it up yourself.

  3. I have found that soy, and milk products are in MANY ‘pantry’ items. This make me very frustrated as most of the time, like in spices, it makes no sense for it to be there. As it turns out, soy is SUCH a cheap crop that more and more foods contain it in order to fill, fluff, or bind things. With spices, I have been told it makes it cheaper, as you can have less expensive spice for a higer price. Frustrating, but true.

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