Sewing is not baby proof


I was prepping a quick project today while Maddy was playing in her room. I am shortening the covering to Maddy’s closet, and was just pinning the fabric so I would know where to hem it.

I placed a closed container of pins on her glider while I snapped a quick picture. In less than a minute I heard the container come crashing down.

Note to self: cheap pin containers are not baby proof.

After I picked Maddy up and moved her a few feet away, I had to hold her back with my legs while I scooped up all the pins that had scattered all over the place. She was so determined to get to them. Isn’t it always the things a baby shouldn’t have that they want the most? I wish she thought her toys were as exciting as a spilled container of pins.

Lesson learned: Keep pins out of baby’s reach. Sigh. You think I would have already learned this lesson after this and this.


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  1. best thing about this post is that you get an ad for improving your brain after finishing reading about the pins! lol

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