The Pant-less Bandito


Back in my University days I had a habit of hanging around without pants on. On hot days, I would close my bedroom door, take off my pants and study. I started referring to myself as the pantless bandito when one day a male roommate knocked on the door and I said, “Come in.” I was working on my computer. The first words he said were, “Ugh, you’re not wearing any pants.”

Whoops. Sorry, Jeff.

I grabbed a piece of paper and draped it over my lap as a pseudo pair of short shorts.

It seems that we now have pantless bandito jr. on our hands.

In the last week, Maddy has been able to tolerate items that sit on her waist (pants, skirts) for a couple of hours before it becomes too much for her to tolerate and we take them off. It’s amazing how quickly her mood turns around once her pants are off.

We’ve been working on her tactile defensiveness through various techniques our OTs taught us, and we are seeing big improvements. If we keep at it, hopefully one day she will let us brush her teeth and she’ll wear pants. Until then, we’ll just embrace the freedom of going pant-less.


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  1. Love it! 🙂 Remember the time you were eating a sub and the lettuce got stuck to your leg! haha How adorable is it that Maddy is the pantless Bandito Jr! Sounds like she is making progress though!

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