Pajama shorts fail!


Yesterday Maddy was having a particularly cranky day. So I took some time hidden away in my sewing nook to start a new project: pajama shorts! I thought it would be a great project to prepare for summer. I decided this would be the first time I would attempt to create my own pattern. I took out a pair of my shorts and created the pattern.

I cut out my pieces and started sewing.

It would have been a great addition to my summer pj collection…. that is if they had turned out. I didn’t get very far. I managed to get to about here:

I still needed to hem the legs and put an elastic in the waist. But, as I was holding them at this stage, I thought that something didn’t seem right, so I tried them on. Or at least I attempted to try them on – they didn’t fit.

Whoops. I made them so that they would fit my waist… neglecting the fact that an elastic would need to stretch out the waistband so I could get them up to my waist. What I should have done was stretch out the waistband when I was copying my pattern (so there would be more fabric that would fit my waist once it was gathered with an elastic). Ah well, mistakes are how we learn, right?

I think I’ll take another attempt at pajama shorts for this summer – wish me luck!


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  1. What about a zipper at the hip? it seems unconventional for pj shorts but perhaps you can salvage your efforts and have a ‘tailored’ pair? I don’t sew so I really don’t know if it would even work but all you need is a way to get it to have enough room to get them on. 🙂

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