Finding Balance


Ah, it’s been awhile. I’m trying (and still learning) how to balance all of the demands motherhood has brought me. After a week of a sick baby, husband, and dog, everyone is healthy again (and I’m happy to report I barely caught it… just a touch of it that didn’t keep me down at all).

Two sick and tired babes

I’ve started doing some contract, part-time work from home – 10 hours a week. The project I’m helping with is just getting up and running and so I haven’t had to put in 10 hours yet. I can already tell it will be a balancing act. I’ll be using some of Maddy’s nap time, some hours after Eric is home from work, as well as weekends to complete the work. I’m so looking forward to using my brain (as slow as it is these days… sigh, mommy brain!).

This past week I’ve been doing some more reading on SPD (if you’re looking for some good reads, check out this post where I list a couple of them), some knitting, and some napping. On the weekend we celebrated the marriage of two good friends of ours and had a great time (though the 4:50am wake up call from Miss Maddykins was less than appreciated the next day, haha).

All this to say – no sewing and no blogging! I still have a little project up in the sewing room I need to get back to… and I have lots of things to share with you about Maddy’s progress. Very briefly I can mention that we can eat wheat again – yay!! We’ve also tried beef and soy (accidentally, haha) with no success. But, I’ve learned to adapt to not having those things so well that I don’t even really notice I can’t have them anymore. In fact, I don’t really eat that much wheat these days even though I can have it – habit I guess.

Hopefully I can find the balance I need this week and share some of our exciting news with you. I’m also hoping to get into my sewing room at least once this week (and I have a lot of ideas for what is coming next), so hopefully I’ll have something new to share with you soon.



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