Dropped stitches


Ah, those darned dropped stitches. Any new-ish knitters out there probably know how I feel. Usually, when I drop stitches, I’m terrified to fix them for fear of making the problem worse. In fact, I’ve been known to rip out several rows, or start a project over for such a simple (and apparently easy to fix) mistake.

The other night, I dropped a stitch. My normal flight reaction didn’t work in this case though. I was working with circular needles on a large project that already had hours upon hours invested in it (I started this project back in January). I was so frustrated I put the project down and left it until today.

Today I finally picked it up again and decided I would face my fear: I was going to attempt to fix a dropped stitch. I sat on the couch looking at my mistake for over ten minutes.


You can see the two horizontal strands that are the tell-tale sign of a dropped stitch. Next, I watched a how to video… three times. It was clear, not too fast, and I could see everything they did. You can watch it here.

I finally worked up the courage and attempted to fix my project. I’m so glad I did… cause now it looks like this:


After a long day of holding a sick baby, I have learned a new skill! I think that’s the beauty in today.


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