A different kind of needle


At the request of my older sister, Lindsay, I am posting one of my recent knitting projects. I have been knitting longer than I’ve been sewing, but I haven’t really explored it too much. My grammy taught me way back when I was 15. I learned it as a project in my grade ten Autonomous Learners class. It was this great course you could take up to three times – and you could design everything about your own project: what you would learn, how you would learn it, what your outcome would be, and how you would be graded on it. I did projects on tap dancing, oceanography, Lovebirds, and knitting, to name a few.

Since then, I pretty much stuck to making scarves and slippers. Just this past year I decided to start branching out. My motivation primarily came from all of the amazing things my sister-in-law Lyndsay was crocheting. In the last year I branched out and made some dishcloths, a cowl, and a couple of hats.

Maddy modelling the Santa hat I made for Evan

Our friends Gary and Lisa will soon be welcoming their first baby, so I decided to knit them a few things for baby’s arrival. We have been so lucky to have received a ton of knitted and crocheted items (many from my grandma, and Lyndsay – you can see some of them here, here, here, and here) for Maddykins. We have gotten a ton of use out of all of them (well, except for the sweaters and booties that will fit well next winter). Given how much we’ve used our gifts, I figured that Gary and Lisa would get some good use out of some knitted things too.

Here’s baby Benbow’s gift:

Newborn Booties

Newborn hat

I paired the hat and booties with a baby blanket, and a cute little onesie:

You can find tutorials to make each of these: booties, hat, blanket. They are all easy knitting patterns, so even less experience knitters can give them a try. I made a slight alteration to the hat pattern, just to add stripes and a folded edge.

As you can see, my skills aren’t as impressive as Lyndsay’s (or my grammy’s, even though you can’t see her stuff), but hopefully with practice one day I can make some of the beautiful things they can make.

Hope you all enjoyed a nice Easter weekend!


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  1. Beautiful! You are so talented! I took a crochet class a few months back and just couldn’t get into it – I wish I could though, because I adore knitted and crocheted blankets and clothes. Maybe someday I’ll try again… 🙂

  2. The baby blanket colours are a great combo. I love goldfish orange and turquoise together! Thanks for posting the booties: they’re a great reminder of what else I can add to my current baby gift basket project!

    • Well, we absolutely loved the booties you made Maddy – that’s what gave me the idea 🙂 In fact, your booties are on Maddy’s bookshelf now. It reminds me how itty bitty she used to be.

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