Moving sew slowly


You’ve probably noticed my sewing frequency has decreased. I do have a project on the go…

But I’ve been spending most of my free time reading about sensory processing disorders, trying to understand how it manifests in Madeleine. Every day I’m learning and understanding more.

For instance, today, despite having a fantastic start to the day, Maddy woke from her morning nap in a rather rotten mood. After trying a bunch of stimulation techniques, nothing seemed to be working. So, I started analyzing. What had changed since her nap? Then it hit me – I had gotten her dressed for the day (where previously she’d been wandering around in a onesie). We already know she has some tactile issues (pants, cloth diapers, playing on carpets) and we know that often kiddos with tactile sensory issues struggle with the feel of different fabrics or tags on their skin. I promptly took of her clothes, left her in her onesie (and blared some extra loud music for some auditory stimulation). Guess what? It worked! She’s not in the best mood I’ve ever seen, but she’s not as miserable, and to me, that’s a win.

Today I will celebrate the success of having figured out what was bothering Maddy. This is a huge step for our family. We are learning, slowly but surely. I am spending less energy being annoyed and frustrated with Maddy’s behaviour and instead I’m understanding it and taking some constructive steps to help her. It’s a happy day indeed.

I’ll get back to the sewing room one day… until then, you can expect more Maddy posts.


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  1. Definitely something to celebrate! You sound like a wonderful and patient mother – Maddy is so lucky to have you!
    Remember to take some time for yourself in this adventure too – it’s hard work being a mommy and Maddy will benefit even more when you make sure to take care of you too! 🙂

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