Bright days


I know I’ve talked a lot about Maddy’s tough days (see here and here), but there are some good days, as rare as they tend to be. Maddy’s good days are a lot of fun. They even make us think that one day we might be able to handle a second child. I wanted to share a peek into our good days with you.

On good days, Maddy sometimes wakes up babbling instead of screaming… and she’ll go down fairly easy for her naps.

She’ll enjoy her bath time, and going for a walk.

Sometimes she’ll even play on the floor with her toys.

She won’t cry when she’s eating, though what she’ll choose to eat is still very limited.

And, when we’re very lucky… she’ll smile (see this post to read about her St. Patty’s Day onesie).

We’re lucky to get one or two really good days a week. Most of our days are average, and one or two are really tough. All in a week’s work when it comes to raising a baby with SPD.


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  1. Ashley you are strong person…keep telling yourself that….it will be worth it in the end….I will say some prayers for you and Maddy…she is so cute….you have your family behind…don’t hesitate to ask
    for help…..I’m sure any of them would…….I would love to see you and Maddy one day…..take care…
    love you….

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