Burrito Pillowcase


A special someone’s 29th birthday is quickly approaching. Once the initial shock of the fact that we’re turning 29 this year (I swear I thought we were only 27… somehow this last year feels like it never happened) wore off, I started thinking about birthday traditions.

Eric enjoying his 26th birthday cake

Now that Madeleine is part of our family, I was brainstorming ways that we can make her birthday special each year. My favourite tradition as a kid was going to my Grammy Smart’s in Etobicoke to have dinner with her and my Uncle Rob. Dinner was always followed by a cake that had hidden coins in it. The birthday kid always got a loonie in their slice, and everyone else passed over their coins too. We will for sure start doing this when Maddy is old enough to enjoy it.

Shortly after I was thinking about this, I came across the DIY dish burrito pillowcase video tutorial. Ta-da! Perfect idea for all holidays. Although Maddy can’t really participate in this tradition quite yet, I figured Eric and I can.

In making the birthday pillowcase, I also used a tutorial from Twiddletails, because Anina included how to do a french seam. I wasn’t exactly successful at my first french seam attempt. It sounded so easy… but, I’ve warned you before, I’m awesome at making sewing mistakes. I’ll blog about how not to do a french seam another day.

The other error I made was that the length of the balloon material wasn’t long enough to get the pillowcase done with the balloons facing upright. Oops. Next time I’ll think about this when getting my fabric cut.

Birthday pillow!

Despite the glaring french seam mistake, the sideways balloons, and the un-ironed wrinkles, Eric says he likes the pillowcase, and that it will go to good use every year on April 4.

I’m still looking for fun birthday traditions. If you have any fun ways of celebrating birthday’s in your family, I’d love to hear about it.

Now it’s off to bed for me – this has potentially been the busiest and most tiring weekend of my life. We did everything in our power to keep Maddy stimulated all day both days. Looking forward to learning some more efficient techniques this week in our first therapy sessions.


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  1. Just heard from someone (hope it wasn’t you) that they do pancakes for breakfast and the b-day child gets as many pancakes as they are years old (i.e. 5 pancakes when 5, etc.). Just pinned some different coloured pancakes too and was thinking I’ll start making stacks of different coloured pancakes for b-days.

  2. You’re obviously younger than me because I remember the birthday tradition of the birthday kid getting a quarter and everyone passed over their dimes, nickles, and pennies! lol

    I also always liked getting to choose dinner. KFC … mmm…

  3. It looks good! We actually like to celebrate half birthdays in our house, just for the kids, not the adults. On their half birthday they get to chose a meal, there is usually a cake or cupcakes made and a small gift. The kids love it and look forward to it every 6 months. 🙂

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