Ruffled Bloomers


I’ve finished the first half of Maddy’s outfit – ruffled bloomers!

They are a wee bit big, but that gives her some room to grow between now and the hot summer months.  I used two tutorials to make these.  The starting point was another of Dana’s over at Made: ‘The Perfect Diaper Cover’.  I gotta admit, I have to agree that it is pretty perfect.  The width of the leg casings is a bit off between the two legs, but you can’t tell at all once they’re on her.  I’ll know for next time to be extra careful when on that step.

Maddy approved

I wanted to spice up the basic cover with some pretty ruffles, as I’m using the bloomers as part of a two-piece outfit.  I used a ruffle butt onesie tutorial from U-create, and added the ruffles before sewing the diaper cover together.  I found the tutorial a bit confusing at first, as it provides three ways to do the ruffles.  I was attempting to do them with Maddy playing at my feet, and it was just too distracting.  When she was napping, and I was better able to focus, the tutorial seemed to be much clearer.  I don’t have a serger, so I opted for Option 1, because it was listed as the favourite.  I plan on trying Option 2 at some point (and maybe one day, if I’m an especially good girl, Santa will bring me a serger for Christmas).

The only real trouble I had while making these was getting the elastic through one of the leg casings.  My fabric was pinched somehow and wouldn’t allow the safety pin through, but I just took the stitching out and re-sewed it.

I’ve just put the pattern pieces together for the top half of this outfit.  Finished product coming soon!


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