Sew I made a skirt


Not too long ago we had a really nice, last-minute, Sunday afternoon visit with our friends Tara, Scott & Georgia (oh, and Lexi came too!).



Georgia is one of the sweetest almost-seven-year-olds we know.  The visit started with her giving us her hand drawn picture of Madeleine (which is now proudly displayed on our fridge).  She politely said please and thank you, sat quietly and played with her Polly Pockets, and surprised me by enjoying some salsa with her corn chips (who knew salsa is kid friendly?).


She also spent some time playing with Maddy.  G showed Maddy how her toys work, giggled and made Maddy giggle, and gave Maddy lots of hugs.  She was so good with Maddy.  In fact, I’ve never seen Maddy take to anyone the way she took to Georgia.  One day G is going to be a fantastic big sister.

During our visit, Georgia let me take a couple of measurements and picked out her favourite of the fabrics I had on hand.  I told her I was going to send her a surprise. I knew I was planning to make her a skirt (my first ever).

The last time I made Tara an outfit it was a joint effort with our friend Ty.  The three of us met in our first year of University in Mackenzie King Village.  We have a ton of great memories, my favourites being our frequent study and pizza party Saturdays, and mine and Ty’s dedication to learning the Michael Jackson Thriller dance with Tara as our trainer and interviewer.

Tara's new shirt

I was certain I could do something better for Georgia than Tara’s shirt.  I went on the look out for a skirt that would be easy enough for a new sewer.  Looking for a simple skirt?  Look no further.  Dana over at Made has a fantastic, easy to follow tutorial.

One day when Madeleine was doing this:

And this:

The laundry basket - hours of fun!

I set out to make Georgia a skirt.  It only took me an afternoon, so it’s a quick project from start to finish.  It’s not perfect, but I like it.  The real critic will be Georgia though, and man, I hope it fits her.  The skirt is in the mail for a special little girl.  Since I don’t have any Georgia sized kids at home to model the skirt, a balloon will have to do.

The skirt

I’m so excited to make these simple skirts for all the cute little girls in my life.


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  1. I love the skirt you made. It looks like it has a flattering cut too. The feeling of accomplishment when you finish a project so nicely as this as a beginner makes you feel so light.
    I recently learned to knit and love the feeling of offering my little “jewels” to friends and family.

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