Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!!!

Learn how to make these shirts here.

We are missing Eric today as he’s in California this week for work.  We surprised him last week with an ‘I Love Daddy’ mug with a picture of Maddykin’s on it (and lucky him, it was filled with chocolate). I was also able to sneak a card into his suitcase before he left.

Eric surprised me with a lovely sewing gift! A book and a container for my growing number of threads!!!

We also got a sweet surprise in the mail from Grammy & Grandpa Baynton!

With Eric gone, Maddy and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day together, decked out in the shirts I made, and eating heart-shaped cupcakes.  Okay, since she’s only just shy of 8 months, she can’t have the cupcakes… but, that just means more for me 😉  Maddy is also so lucky to have a very talented Aunt Lyndsay who made her an adorable heart hat!  You can read more about it here.  I can’t even tell you how obsessed I am with this hat – it’s just way too cute.

Miss you and love you Eric! xo


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