Sew ready for Valentine’s Day


As I mentioned I would here, I made a mini-doily heart shirt for Maddykins to wear on Valentine’s Day.  I won’t go into too many details, because you can find Dana’s very clear tutorial here.  I’ll quickly say that I was able to find smaller heart doilies from Dollarama.  I tried Bulk Barn, but they only had 10″ heart doilies – much too big for a Maddy-sized shirt.  I didn’t have the right colour scrap material, so I purchased cheap shirts from Walmart and cut them up.  I also found Maddy’s shirt and pants on clearance there.  Since I’m trying to practice my sewing, I decided to add an additional heart outline (It’s a bit hard to see but the heart is in pink, with a red heart underneath it).  This project was mostly a success.  You can read about my one mistake here.

Perhaps a well kept secret of mine, but I’m one of those mama’s who likes to dress like her daughter.  Eric finds it absolutely ridiculous… and has stopped asking if I did it on purpose.  Now he always knows I did.  For instance, on a day where Maddy wears her leg warmers, mama wears hers too.

This isn’t new for me.  My younger brother, Scotty, probably painfully remembers me trying to force him to wear his red Bradford Public School jogging suit on the same days I wore mine.  We’re only 17 months apart, and people always thought we were twins when we were kids.  So, naturally, this meant we had to dress alike.

Scotty and I back in the day

Given this matchy-match behaviour of mine, I obviously had to make mama a shirt too!  I decided to try an applique shirt for myself, following Melissa’s tutorial.  If you’re going to attempt applique, I suggest reading through the tutorial.  Melissa provides a very detailed and clear step by step process, including a lot of tips.  I won’t reinvent the wheel here, but will give you a quick description of how I made my shirt.

Materials: shirt, scrap fabric, heat and bond lite, thread

1) Trace the pattern onto the paper side of the heat n bond lite.  I used Word to copy the L, V, and E in Arial Black font, size 275.  I googled “heart outline” and found a heart image.  As Melissa reminds us in her tutorial, the L, V, and E must be copied backwards onto the paper.

2) Iron the heat n bond pieces onto the wrong side of the fabric. In this case, I did the L, V, and E on my white scrap fabric, and the heart on my red scrap fabric.  Try not to be like me and pay attention to make sure you iron the right side (paper side)… if not, it’s very sticky and a pain to get off of your iron.  But, should you do it, steel wool works great to get it off 😉

3) Cut each piece out.

4) Remove the heat n bond lite, place the pieces on the shirt, and iron them down.  I followed Melissa’s tips at the bottom of her tutorial for how to sew a name on for this step.

5) Sew the pieces to the shirt.  Melissa’s tutorial gives a lot of great tips on this step, and I highly suggest you read them.  You can see in my picture my stitching isn’t perfect – but I’m happy with how this turned out!


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  1. Love the shirts! Eric should be really concerned when you start making clothes for him that match you and Maddy!

    PS – you totally got this from mom. She always made my clothes to look exactly like Lindsay. And who would want to look like their older sister? 😉

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