Sew what is a notch and how do I cut it?


Sewing is an art.  It’s not something you can rush through (at least it’s not something I can rush through).  Paying attention to the little details is important.  This lesson is a quick one: always use the tip of your scissors when cutting the pattern notches into your fabric.  Otherwise, this can happen:

What do I mean by cut with the tip of your scissors?

On the left I am cutting with the whole scissor blade, while on the right I am cutting only with the tip of the scissor blade

For those of you who are very beginner sewers, these little notches are used in sewing patterns as a guide to ensure that one pattern piece will fit with another.  As shown in the photos above, I have cut the notches into the seam allowance. Other ways to avoid the mistake shown above are: cut the notch outside of the seam allowance (cut the triangle as a mirror image to what is shown on the pattern piece), or you can use a marking tool to mark the notches.


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