Sew I haven’t made any progress


As I’ve mentioned before, I started this sewing journey back in 2009.  Since then, I’ve started four sewing projects… I have a 50% completion rate.  The other two projects are in the early stages, one abandoned because it was a dress for myself and I was pregnant, the other because it was our Christmas stockings and, well, frankly, I just didn’t finish it before Christmas.

Really, four projects?!?!  In almost three years???  At this rate I’ll be lucky if I’m ever comfortable with my sewing machine. But, rather than focus on my lack of progress, let’s talk about why I’m making none.  I’ve compiled a list of things that I think have held me back:

1) When in school, I feel guilty doing anything that’s not school related.  If I sit down to read a pleasure book, knit, or sew, all I can think is, “I should be reading that paper,” or, “I should edit that assignment one more time,” or a number of other similar thoughts.  My maternity leave, which I’m currently in the middle of, is the first time I have not been in school since I started kindergarten.  This school guilt has prevented me from enjoying the sewing process, and starting new projects.

2) When I had an hour here or there to actually work on my projects, the thought of lugging my sewing machine from upstairs, down to our dining room table, and setting up my work space only to pack it up an hour later just didn’t seem worth it to me (see this post to understand why I can’t just leave it out for a few days).

3) Taking further sewing classes has not fit into my schedule for a variety of reasons.

Lesson number two: Make space (both physical and mental) in your life to learn to sew.


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