Sew you have a dog


I never grew up with dogs.  In fact, after three traumatizing experiences with them (the first was when a dog stole a cookie out of my hand as a young child), I was terrified of them.  I swore I would never own a dog… then I married Eric.

I got a lot of perks from marrying Eric – during my master’s he often believed in my abilities more than I believed in them, he’s a great listener and even more importantly one of my biggest supporters, he’s great in the kitchen, he handles my silly well (and has his own silly side), and he’s a fantastic daddy to Madeleine.  But, on our wedding day, I was completely unaware I was getting a husband who desperately wanted a dog.

Every once in a while, Eric would talk about wanting a dog, but knowing how afraid I was of them he never pushed me to get one.  Believe it or not, I was the one who suggested we get a dog.  In December 2008, we visited our good friends Tara & Scott in London for Tara’s birthday.  We popped over to her parents’ house for her birthday dinner and cake and it was then that I saw it.  Eric was playing with Tara’s parents’ sheltie, and he had a glimmer in his eye that I had never seen before.  At that very moment, I understood why Eric wanted a dog.

Early in 2009 I nervously brought the idea up with Eric.  It didn’t take long before we had decided that a beagle would be a good fit for us.  In July 2009, we brought Loki home.  We’ve had our ups and downs with Loki, and now that Maddykins steals most of our attention we’re needing to re-focus on his training, but I’m glad he’s ours.  He’s a great little foot heater, always let’s us know someone has pulled into the driveway, and watches over Maddy while she sleeps.

But, my first “How not to sew” lesson is about Loki.  I remember after I had purchased my first pattern for my introductory sewing course at Conestoga College how I proudly laid it out and started pinning my fabric.  After a bit of work, I neatly folded my pattern pieces and put them into my sewing bag to finish the next day.  But, before I had the chance to finish, Eric timidly called from our living room where I had left my sewing bag, “Ugh, babe, you didn’t really need your pattern anymore… did you?”  I came rushing in to see a huge mess of torn pattern pieces and fabric.  Needless to say, project number one was not off to a great start.  Eric and I later made a trip to Fabricland to replace the pattern and fabric, and I managed to finish my first project (the topic of a later post).

Sew what did I learn?  Lesson number one: All sewing materials should be kept far, far away from Loki…. or for that matter, away from any living thing who might find it fun to muck around 🙂

Loki on Christmas Eve, 2011


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