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Sew why am I blogging?


Every sewing project I have done since 2009 I have made mistakes.  Some mistakes are bigger than others, but there are always mistakes.  Time and time again, Eric has said that my mistakes could not only help me in my quest to learn to sew, but could also help others.  I’ve always brushed him off.  Most of the time I’m thinking something like: that mistake was pretty dumb, nobody else would make that same mistake, or if I had taken more time to think this through I wouldn’t have made this mistake.  Over several discussions, Eric has finally convinced me that sharing with you even my most silly sewing mistakes might actually be helpful… or at the very least entertaining.

After following my culinarily adept older sister Lindsay’s delicious food blog, and my creative and crafty sister-in-law Lyndsay’s blog for months now, I’ve caught the bug.  I hope you’ll join me as I tackle the world of sewing!


Sew I wanna be a sewer


I have grown up watching Mama B sew.  When I was young, it was my sundresses.  Now that I’m an adult, it’s hemming my pants.  I have always admired my mom – not just for her sewing abilities, but for who she is as a person.

Mama B in her younger years

If I had to describe my mom in three words they would be loving, generous, and silly.  Growing up, she spent hours upon hours with me at the dance studio (by the time I was finishing high school I was spending upwards of 30 hours a week at the studio), sewing my costumes, curling my hair, in the car travelling to dance competitions, and supporting me backstage.  On top of this, she watched my soccer practices and games, was one of my Girl Guide leaders, and was always willing to drive me to and from my friends’ houses, to the mall or movie theatre.    Add into the mix that I’m the third of her four children and she was working part-time as a supply teacher, and you get the idea.  My mom really is super-mom!

Over the years our relationship has changed, but she still provides the same amount of support now that she did then. We have Woodstock weekends where we hang out and watch movies while Eric occupies himself with his own hobbies.  She cried with me when Madeleine was 7 days old, her colic had just started, and cried for 8 hours straight, not even taking a break to nurse.  Both her and my dad were behind Eric and I 100% as we planned our wedding… and my mom cried so many happy tears at the rehearsal the night before I thought there was no chance we were going to make it through the ceremony!

Mama B has certainly given me a strong example of what it is to love your children.  I can only hope that one day Madeleine will feel the same way about me.  Now, I’m taking a step towards learning something that I’ve watched my mom do all these years: to sew.  Thank you, Mama B (not just for the sewing machine you gave me a few years back for Christmas), but for everything you have done and continue to do for all of your kids!